Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011


i hate words " hurt "
but it comes and goes without permission

hurt is
when you know the truth different with you want
when you start admire someone but he/she avoid you
when you start to smile, someone make you sad
when you love someone but he/she does not love you back
when you want to move on but you can not. you stuck on a poin
when you start for loving, he/she leave you
when you start to forget, you remember him/her again
when you care to them but they do not care to you
when you good at them but they cruel to you
when you try to understand but you still can not understand

it all my past
and it was hurting me so much
i want to be better.
but i still look back
repeat my mistakes and did not learn about it
hhhh remember remember..
do not look back face the future
and just walk with the lesson from past

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